Maintenance of computers in your office is three times cheaper than a full-time specialist


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IT outsourcing

IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing

We provide high-quality care by a group of professionals for half the rate of a permanent employee. Practice proven by time says that within one month we solve more than 50% of the problems in your organization in the IT field


Financial guarantee: 100% discount for idle time

If your employee can not work, you tell us. Until the solution of the problem, our services are free of charge. Pay only for business hours of your business.


We work out of working hours

We do not interfere with your employees to work. Therefore, we carry out all preventive and non-urgent tasks after the end of the working day. We work until 22:00, when you are already resting. Is free.


Backup at our expense

It is very important to keep your documents, contacts, accounts department and everything else. Loss can stop the whole business. Therefore, one more backup will not be superfluous. Get 100GB for backup in our cloud as a gift.


We clean computers every day

We start the mechanism of automatic "computers cleaning" so that they work faster. The whole network is accelerating - your entire business is running faster. More invoices, sent letters and solved tasks.


80 rules of your service

We adhere to the principle of work: we serve people, not equipment. We explain to your employees in a clear language. We pick up the handset not later than two beeps. We respond to customer letters within 15 minutes. Do not distract your people from work, we ourselves know where and what is stored in your network. We have developed more than 80 rules of your service. Get used to good service.


Free replacement fund

Sometimes the technique breaks down. To exclude a layup of employee, we provide similar equipment for the period of repair. For this we always keep in the office a spare laptop, monitor, printer and router. The technique is being repaired, and your business continues to function.

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